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The Key Components of a Dissertation

Dissertation writing is more or less a complex task. A dissertation of good quality is based upon in-depth analysis and validity of the research conducted. Planning is essential before you begin to write a dissertation.

There are several key components for a dissertation which include introduction, research methodology, literature review, findings and analysis, discussion, and finally, conclusion and recommendations. Introduction is all about information regarding the research topic and approach employed in writing. This component is very important because it allows the reader to get a rough idea of the topic as well as writing strategy. The next component research methodology deals with the method by which the research is conducted. There are different strategies employed while conducting the research including qualitative interviews, quantitative questionnaires, and so on. Another important component is the literature review which is quite complicated and extensive. Therefore a careful review of the available literature needs to be performed.

The findings and analysis section should contain detailed information regarding the results of research. Further, there should be information on how the findings relate to the purpose of writing the dissertation. Further, this chapter should have quantifiable assessment of the findings which include tables, graphs, charts, statistical information, rough data, etc. These details are used in the discussion section. This chapter serves as a combination of the available literature, research findings, and your overall experience. Here you can mention any kind of weakness you find in your research. This will help to increase the credibility of the dissertation.

The final chapter of dissertation is the conclusion and recommendations. Conclusion includes a snapshot of the different sections discussed in your dissertation. The recommendations section can be included in this chapter or can be given as an additional chapter. This section is often used by students for further research. It is usually addressed to the academic fraternity or to your future employer.

To sum it up, the components discussed above makes a dissertation work well with the dissertation committee.

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