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Topic Selection

Your dissertation is the apex of your university degree which is something that takes long period of time. Hence, it is significant for you to select a dissertation topic that is accurate for you having the prospective to conclude with good results.

Below are few questions that may help you while selecting your dissertation topic

1. Have you been selected the topic of interest?

One of the crucial factors to consider is topic of interest. You will be highly motivated, if you pick the topic of interest. Memorize which topics, or courses you studied interests you the most. It is an intelligent idea to decide on a dissertation topic falling in the category of choice of subjects.

2. Think about benefit for future career, while selecting the topic?

The market is highly competitive, especially for new graduates, lacking relevant work experience. Therefore, it is always advisable to decide on a dissertation topic which is pertinent for the type of career you want to have.

3. Think about literature relevancy according to dissertation topic?

It is very important, that a dissertation topic have some connection with literature and theory. You should ensure that there is sufficient existing literature associated with the topic.

4. Are you able to cope up with topic you have selected?

Choose a simple and effective topic for yourself. A topic that is manageable within limitations, help to complete your dissertation on time. Complex topics may create problem of resources like time, finance etc.

5. Is your topic contributing something exceptional to the field?

You would score high, only if your topic contributes to new and important knowledge. It should cover a gap in existing literature and theory. You should take some different approach creating unique insights.

6. Does the dissertation topic you selected, have sensible significance?

Your Dissertation topic should generate apparent practical implications for organizations, besides giving new theoretical knowledge. These criteria will help organizations to improve their performance.

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