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Importance of Data Collection

Data collection is gathering of useful information related to the topic of research. It is significant because it authenticates the issues related to the research gap. helps students to find out different ways of collecting data and also to analyse data that have been gathered. We offer guidance to know whether data is helping the researcher to prove his or her point of argument. It is a very important part of a research work because it enables the researcher to take decisions related to the information available and also to understand how helpful is the information that will assist in carrying forward the research work. The analysis of the data that is collected is every essential because it helps the researcher to establish a factual basis for building verdict. helps students to make a plan on the basis of which they need to collect data. Before collecting data, it is very important to know why data is needed and what will be the purpose behind collecting a certain criterion of data. The student must also know the steps in which the collected data will be analysed because it will help him or her to understand which type of data is necessary. There are different types of data such as attribute data, variable data etc. After understanding the dynamics related to those data that are to be collected, it is important to have knowledge about the proper sources from which they can gather the data. Data can be gathered from primary and secondary sources according to the need of the research work. In order to know that the data that is collected will help the researcher in analysing the objective of his thesis or research work, it is advisable to primarily gather small sample of data and then analyse it to match the requirements needed. helps students to analyse the data collected and guides them in different possible ways in which they can use the data to assist them in their analysis related to their research work.